Complete analysis of body composition

We offer complete analysis of body composition using our modern machines. The analysis of body composition is very important to understand the needs of the body in each individual and based on the data to provide proper nutrition. The MC180MA is the next generation in the analysis of body composition using the latest technology with 4 frequencies allow higher precision, reliability and it is repeatable

Tanita MC780MA is ideal for providing immediate analysis of the health and physical condition of the client of the situation and monitor their progress over time. The analysis includes body fat, muscle mass, total body water with detailed information and analysis of the intracellular and extra-cellular water. It also includes a partial breakdown of each leg, arm and trunk including body fat distribution and balance

• Fat distribution rating
• Fat Percentage
• muscle Weight (Kg)
• Mass Balance
• Muscle Mass
• Total percentage of water body
• Intracellular and extra- cellular water
• Body mass index
• Bone Weight
• muscle strength rating
• visceral fat rating
• Basic metabolism and rate of calorie